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Traditional yacht ownership is a substantial investment. The initial acquisition price for the Benetti Delfino 93’ is over 9 million USD (including build supervision, survey, extensive options, owner supply and large tender).

Furthermore, the operating costs on a yearly basis for traditional yacht ownership are significant. The estimated total operating costs for the Delfino 93’ each Sea Year with high end service (4 full time crew members) and full maintenance onboard around five hundred thousand euros to over one million USD, depending on area of coverage.

Yachts have a high initial investment combined with a high yearly returning cost in operating expenses. Yacht owners traditionally use their yachts for an estimated 5 weeks a year to a maximum of 9 weeks a year. Therefore, the fractional ownership concept provides you all the benefits of traditional yacht ownership for the time you have available, all for a fraction of the cost. The fractional ownership concept is further enhanced by SeaNet’s complete yacht management, which includes crew organization, maintenance, provisioning, and much more to provide you with a turnkey solution to the yachting lifestyle.

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